On the Kollka Gastronomic, Adventure & Spiritual Tours of Perú you will:

  • In our Spiritual Programs, you will live a unique experience that can help you to revitalize and refresh your  mind, body and spirit.

  • Take hands-on cooking classes where you will learn from local expert chefs, techniques suitable for all skill levels.

  • Enjoy meals and degustation in well-known five-star restaurants, they are famous for their New Andean and other types of fine cuisines.

  • Dine under stars next to a 1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana.
  • Visit different ‘bodegas’ where you will experience the amazing process of making Pisco, the national drink.
  • Taste freshly made Pisco at its best.
  • Visit our open market in Lima, where you can see, touch and taste the freshest fruits and vegetables indigenous to our country.
  • Visit the historic center of Lima, capital of Perú, declared a World Center for Hispanic Heritage by UNESCO, due to the large number of monuments, museums, ancient churches, and royal traditions found in this interesting city.
  • Visit Peruvian arts & craft’s market, where you can buy silver, gold, fabric, sweaters, alpaca rugs and pottery.
  • Experience the unique and exclusive show of Peruvian horses, Show “The Peruvian Paso Horse and the National Celebration at one of the most beautiful farms in Perú, “Hacienda Mamacona, – 20 kms. south of Lima.

 Visit the most amazing historical sites of Perú, such as: Macchu Picchu (one of the 7th. Wonders of the World), Nasca Lines, Colca Canyon, Amazonas, Caral City (ancient city), Puno, Titicaca Lake. 



An action packed itinerary

Astrid & Gastón
Pairing Degustation Dinner- 12 courses

Degustation, Lunch

La Mar

Pairing Degustation Dinner

La Huaca Pucllana 

Visit monument, Dinner

El Kapallak
Cooking classes, Lunch

Pairing Degustation Dinner

Ruta del Pisco
Tour & Tasting

Pairing Degustation Dinner

Pairing Degustation Dinner

Traditional Peruvian Dish – Lunch

Historic Lima

Spiritual Program
Meditation, Charge of Energy, Yoga

Artesania Market
Miraflores, tour & souvenirs

Hacienda Mamacona
Show “The Peruvian Paso Horse and the National Celebration”