Chef Alfredo Aramburu Picasso

Alfredo is a Peruvian Chef and entrepreneur who has managed to expand Peruvian cuisine worldwide. After finishing high school in Lima, Alfredo planned to study in Miami, but realized that what he really want to learn was hotel management and gastronomy.

He decided to study cuisine in Brazil at the School of Tourism Estacioalza in Rio de Janeiro, then went to study at the Institute hotel Glion in Switzerland, where he later obtained his Masters. He returned to Perú, after having gained experience in European countries such as Switzerland, France and Spain. Alfredo is currently working on his culinary Businesses, while continuing with his plan to make Peruvian cuisine the best in the world.



Cala is located at the bottom of the sea, where the stage and environment Maridan perfectly with their specialties, which are the result of a mixed tasty cuisine that combines Mediterranean and Peru - also the mixing talents of an established team of chefs, along with the organization in the service, ambience and location, result in a complete satisfying experience for all visitors.

Cala Restaurant, has as its primary mission to meet the demands of his audience, filling with unique quality, the expectations of its refined clientele.



Map + Address

Playa Barranquito, Espigón 4,

Circuito de Playas, Lima 18

tel: +51 1 445 0149