Kollka-Perú is a Peruvian-American company, runs by two Peruvian ladies, with a passion for our country. We would like to share with all of you the beauty and richness of this country, through its food and history!! We are confident that our visitors will encounter an unforgettable experience, visiting this magical country!!


JANNET PUNCHARD - Director of Kollka

peru-mapBorn in Perú and with an academic background in advertising and marketing Jannet lived for many years in Venezuela, where she founded and managed Respuesta Directa a Corporate Events and Direct Marketing agency, specializing in organizing and developing projects for multinational corporations.

After many years extensively exploring the rich gastronomy heritages of countries like Spain, Greece, Italy and France; Jannet decided to focus her passion and create “Kollka Perú” a  gastronomic tour company that allows small groups to experience both the wonders of Perú,  while show-casing to the world how a group of talented young chefs, unique natural ingredients and a variety of rich cultural traditions have fused together to make Perú - A Culinary Paradise.

Jannet currently lives in Florida, US with her son and husband.


ADRIA DEL CARPIO - Director of Kollka

Born in Lima, college educated in the US and currently living between Perú and Venezuela.  Adria has graduate and post-graduate qualifications in Tourism and Hotel administration.

Adria’s extensive background in the travel and hospitality industries covers Hotel and Travel package management, general airline management, negotiations of Multilateral and Bilateral Traffic airlines agreements, government-to-government treaties and Computer Reservations System fare structuring.

Her 16 years of experience working directly with both the customers and at the highest levels of Government have allowed her to help create Kollka’s beautifully crafted set of tour packages.

These tour packages bring together all she has learnt traveling the world, listening to different cultures and experiencing their gastronomy.



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Adria del Carpio

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Please contact us if you want to customize your own Program, choosing the date, days of your convenience and budget!!


Optional Tours

Kollka offers optional tours in this beautiful country where the 7th wonder of the world is located. Check them out , you might consider them after your gastronomic tour with us
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