You are in Perú, country where the 8th wonder of the world is located. Kollka offers a variety of tours that you might consider.

Here are some optional tours.

Machu Picchu

Paracas - Nazca Lines

Colca Canyon










At Lima Tours we are committed to our tradition as a "tourism school", to our international reputation for excellent service, our position as a creative industry leader, to the preservation of the cultural and natural values of Perú and, fundamentally, to the search for the well being for our country in general and our loved ones in particular.We are dedicated to the promotion of Peru’s cultural and natural heritages, and are committed to their conservation. We guarantee personalized customer care, by designing innovative products and services, tailor-made for each client, with state-of-the-art technology. We are a well-trained, highly motivated team, fully identified with the company’s values. We share with the world our passion for Perú.



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Please contact us if you want to customize your own PROGRAM, choosing the date, days of your convenience and budget!!


Optional Tours

Kollka offers optional tours in this beautiful country where the 8th wonder of the world is located. Check them out you might consider them after you finish your tour with us!!                         
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