On the Kollka Gastronomic, Historic, Adventure & Spiritual Tour of Perú you will:



Discover the history and secrets of the traditional Peruvian recipes that are taking the culinary world by storm.

Take hands-on cooking classes where you will learn from local expert chefs, techniques suitable for all skill levels.


Experience meals and degustation in well-known five-star restaurants famous for their New Andean and other fine cuisines.

Dine under stars next to the 1,500 year old ruins of La Huaca Pucllana Rest.

calaVisit different ‘bodegas’ where you will experience the amazing process of making Pisco, the national drink.

Taste freshly made Pisco at its best.

calaVisit our open market in Lima, where you can see, touch and taste the freshest fruits and vegetables indigenous to our country.

Visit the historic center of Lima, capital of Perú, declared a World Center for Hispanic Heritage by UNESCO, due to the large number of monuments, museums, ancient churches, and royal traditions found in this interesting city.

calaVisit Peruvian arts & craft’s market, where you can buy silver, gold, fabric, sweaters, alpaca rugs and pottery.

Experience the unique and exclusive show of Peruvian horses, Show “The Peruvian Paso Horse and the National Celebration at one of the most beautiful farms in Perú, “Hacienda Mamacona, – 20 kms. south of Lima.


Visit the most amazing historical sites of Perú, such as Machu Picchu (one of the seven wonders of the world), Paracas-Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Amazonas, Caral (ancient City)

An action packed itinerary

Maído                                                                                                                                       Lunch or Dinner - Degustation menu

Pairing Degustation Dinner

Astrid & Gastón
Pairing Degustation Dinner- 12 courses

Degustation, Lunch

La Mar

La Huaca Pucllana                                                                                                            Visit monument, Dinner

El Kapallak
Cooking classes, Lunch

Pairing Degustation Dinner

Ruta del Pisco
Tour & Tasting

Pairing Degustation Dinner

Pachamanca                                                                                                            Traditional Peruvian Dish – Lunch

Historic Lima
City Tour

Spiritual Program
Meditation, Charge of Energy, Yoga

Artesania Market
Miraflores, tour & souvenirs

Hacienda Mamacona
Show “The Peruvian Paso Horse and the National Celebration”