Chef Rafael Osterling Letts

Artist, citizen of the world, extraordinary chef, after several years of studies in law, he felt the need to explore his culinary vocation and followed the instinct that had always led him to become a chef.

After touring the kitchens of Lima, he traveled to London to work at the “Poissonnerie de l’Avenue” and Bibendum restaurants and graduated in 1996 from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, working at renowned restaurants such as Le Grand Véfour, Le Carpaccio, Faucher and Le Gorges of Pennafort.

In 1999 Rafael returned to Perú to open his first restaurant “The Dalmatian”, a coffee and tapas bar, which he left to open Rafael; located in a traditional house in Miraflores. The restaurant elegantly combines the flavors and influences of Mediterranean, Asian and Peruvian cuisines.







Without doubt, one of the most notable offerings of Lima’s gastronomic scene, with a reputation that shines beyond our borders.

The winner of many awards Rafael’s Restaurant has been chosen as one of the top 20 restaurants by the magazine Gato Pardo (2002), as the best restaurant in Perú by Travel & Leisure (2005), and ranks as number one of the top 10 Peruvian restaurants by the Magazine SUMMUM (2009).




Map + Address

San Martin 300,
Miraflores, Lima, Perú
Tel: +51 1 242 4149