I would like to thanks to Kollka Perú for such an amazing experience on my Trip to Perú. Everything was outstandind and beyond my expectations.  thanks to all the staff for making my bucket list trip the most wonderful experience.  If you really want to know Perú I would highly recommend everone to get Kollka as your Tour Operator. I am so ready to go back. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Geraldine VanDen Brande -  Florida

Thank you, Kollka Perú!!! I went on the Omechaye Retreat to see Machu Picchu, but thanks to your knowledge and love, what I encountered was the heart & soul of Perú.  From the significant sights to the mouthwatering flavors, your tour helped me not only see the beauty of Peru, but to experience the colorful culture & magic of your country. It was the trip of my life!!

Valery Snow -  Florida

Unforgettable  experience!

I had the most wonderful trip of my life thanks to Jannet Punchard. The sites in Perú are magical. It never would have been as great as being led by Jannet.  Thank you!!

Linda Wachtel Moskow - 

The Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley trip was an amazing and wonderful experience. Everything was perfect! The sites that we visited were very interesting with tour guides that were both knowledgeable and friendly.  The restaurants were well chosen with good food and great music.  I cannot say enough about this trip and most of all the amazing group of people that were part of the trip.  I will always keep this trip in my heart.  Thank you Jannet, Thank you Alex!!

Diane B.  - 

 Kollka´s meticulous attention to detail made my visit to Perú an extraordinary experience. Our days were jam packed with the culture and beauty of Perú, and we had the benefits of top and wonderful guides as well.  Thank you Kollka.

Ellen Levine Loulou - 


Kollka Perú provided a great oportunity to enjoy Perú with the yoga retreat from Omechaye and Alex Cohen!  Jannet was outstanding as tour operator in presenting the culture, food and natural beauty of Perú.  She was organized and collaborated with the best local guides without the typical "tourist traps".  The spiritual experience came as natural result and is priceless!!! 

Lidya Cerpa - 


I have been told that in the old language of the Incas, Kollka means "deposit or sotrage of food, wool, textilies and other goods".  A couple of weeks ago I took a Culinary Tour in Lima.  The tour was like entering a Kollka, a place full of wonderful surprises, excellent cooking, the knidness of the people and the professionalism of the organizers.

This was not my first trip to Lima, Perú but for someone like myself, who tries to combine trips with food in many ways i feel it was perfect, as I discovered a country with an extraordinary richness of products.  Through the leadership of a young but talented group of chefs, Peruvian Gastronomy has become one of the best, offering a combination of an interesting tourist destination with one of the best Latin American cuisines.

I hope after reading my testimony you get wcited enough to take this wonderful tour with my friends Jannet and Adria, two wonderful professionals, who know how to take care of every detail and treat their guests like royalty.

In this Program, Kollka offers interesting and innovative destination.  Thanks for inviting me to share with you this inaugural Tour!

Adriana Díaz /  Caracas Venezuela 

I want to congratulate you with all my heart for such a successful Inaugural Tour.

It was an unforgettable experience that exceeded my expectations.

The program, restaurants and tours that you put together were extraordinary.  The organization and logistics were perfect. 

It was a privilige to be part of this pioneer group.

Everything was TOP CLASS!!! Thanks!

Elizabeth (Lizbeth) Beran

Unforgettable experience

I was invited to the Inaugural Gastronomic Tour Kollka Perú "A Culinary Paradise", promoted by two charming Peruvians, Jannet & Adria, who are eager to assist you and give you the greatest comfort, which was also varied and was highly organized.

I was impressed with Perú in general, the human warmth of its people and especially its cuisine.

I had the opportunity to visit the best restaurants of Lima, where you can taste the best of Peruvian Gastronomy. I was impressed with Machu Picchu and now understand why it´s been named "one of the 7 wonders of the world".

Without doubt, it is worthwile to explore this exceptional country and be amazed by its aromas and flavors.

Thanks Jannet & Adria for inviting me to discover this amazing culinary paradise!

Carolina Angeli  de Petersen

Perú was for me the great unknown country.  Discover it through it´s cuisine, it was an experience like few other. I loved it. It was a privilege to make the trip thanks to Jannet & Adria, owners of Kollka Perú, who made this adventure so amazing.

I arrived and started enjoying from the magnificent hotel, where we stayed the Country Club of Lima, it was a pure joy with its colonial architecture and works of art, a feast for the eyes.

Start the day exploring the city, its markets, churches, the open Pacific and later end up sitting in front of all the parade of flavors, colors and smells of the delicious Peruvian food. A treat for the senses of haute cuisine, and all its delicacy.  I enjoyed incredibly cebiches, seafood of the Amazon, sauces, condiments completely unknown for me.  Wonderful gourmet cuisine that can satisfy even the most exigent palate.  I am still missing the symphony of flavors. I do not want to forget the Pisco a visit to the distillery, of which I liked very much the pisco sour, landscapes and everything beautiful that Perú has to offer to travelers.

Jannet & Adria, thank you so much for the opportunidy to enjoy your Gastronomic Tour, as never before!

Ana Martínez  - Barcelona Spain