Travel Tips



Determine from the airline the aircraft for each leg of your trip, that way you will know what carry on will fit in the cabin.



Carry color copies of passport and tickets, drivers license, vaccination certificates.

ID Cards - before travelling abroad, print out a credit card size card and laminate it. This card will carry information with important data, such as telephone numbers, insurance policy number. Flight numbers. passport and tickets names must match. Make sure your passport does not expire within 6 month of your date of travel



Tourists from North America, Australia, Japan and the European Union (and many others, check with the nearest Peruvian Embassy) receive a visa upon arrival for up to 90 days.



When leaving the country on an international flight you have to pay a departure tax. The amount can vary, but expect it to be around US $ 30/$32 or the equivalent in Soles. This has to be paid in cash, before entering the departure area. For domestic flights it is around US $ 6.30.



Tourists are exempt from the current 19% taxes on lodging and meals. We have reflected these exemptions in our tour package.



Nuevo Sol, currency exchange aprox. 2.8 soles per US $ 1.00. ATM’s and currency exchange locations are available in Lima, Cuzco and other cities.



Average temperature in summer (mid December to mid March) is around 25º - 28º C. Summer is the best time to enjoy Lima´s many beautiful beaches, such as those along the Costa Verde, about 15 minutes from Lima Historical Center, or along the Pan-American highway within 30 to 45 minutes south of Lima.

Winter days are grey, overcast and quite humid, and average temperatures are between 12 to 15º.

Lima, with a mild climate of neither heavy rain nor intense cold, can be visited quite easily at any time of the year.Lima goes from warm to hot days, cool evenings, rarely rain but overcast.

In Cuzco, days are warm if sunny, slightly chilly if cloudy, and nights are cold.

Machu Picchu: similar to Cuzco.



No immunizations are required for travelers to Lima or Cuzco.



Cellular phones do not work overseas. Check with Intouch Global a http:intouchglobal.coM



Drivers/Guides: US$ 5/10 per person for a day of guiding.

Hotels: $1 per day for the cleaning staff. For porters: US $ 0.50/US$ 1.00 per bag

Restaurants/Bars: a 10% tip is sufficient, wherever a service charge is not included in the bill.



Travel medical insurance covering personal accident, emergency evacuation and repatriation expenses is mandatory on all Kollka tours.

Please notify us of your insurance details when you have them.


Design your Own Tour

Please contact us if you want to customize your own PROGRAM, choosing the date, days of your convenience and budget!!


Optional Tours

Kollka offers optional tours in this beautiful country where the 8th wonder of the world is located. Check them out you might consider them after you finish your tour with us!!                         
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